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Fixing Windows From BSOD (STOP 7B 0x0000007B) After a Motherboard Replacement

After the motherboard replacement I’ve got a blue screen of death (BSOD). This can happen after hard disk replacement also. I’ve used the recipe from here to recover from this failure.

  1. Download the script file ( mirror )
  2. Put the script file into the root of your USB Flash
  3. Boot to the Recovery Console (F8 > Repair Your Computer) or from a system repair/Windows 7 disc.
  4. Launch the command prompt.
  5. To determine the name of the USB Flash disk you can use wmic logicaldisk get name,description
  6. Change directory to the root of USB disk, e.g cd E:\
  7. Run the script cscript fix_7hdc.vbs /enable /search